Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Steppin' into Spring

Not only does March have St. Patrick’s Day, the greatest holiday of the year, but it also has the first day of spring. I honestly could not be happier that spring is right around the corner because I am not the biggest fan of freezing temperatures, snow, and geese, which winter has so kindly combined into one season. However, spring can be a tricky season for clothes, especially in Colorado where a weekly forecast consists of 65° and 25°. So here are some of my tricks and tips to take note of as you step into the new season.

I am a year round supporter of layering. No matter what the season is, I will layer up with scarves and cardigans. Think I’m crazy? Well I would much rather be hot and have layers to shed than be freezing with nothing to throw on, and that doesn’t sound too crazy to me. I think layering is one of the most important techniques when it comes to dressing for the spring season. Skinny sweaters, scarves, and cardigans are only a few things that I advise that you to take from you winter wardrobe for spring. Not only are they a fashion staple when it comes to your wardrobe, but they are absolutely perfect for layering.  A previous post on my blog, Just Another Layer, goes in depth about layering, and here are a few more tips on how to add layering into spring. I don’t think I could stress enough how perfect the button up/sweater is for anytime of the year. I live by this combo, and it has gotten me through many times when Mother Nature has decided to throw every type of weather into one day. To make this look a little springier, I advise cuffing the sleeves of your button down over the sleeves of the sweater. Not only does this look fantastic, but it keeps you a little cooler on those warm spring days. Whenever I buy new clothes, I have the urge to wear them the next day, and I know I am not the only one.  So when it is a little chilly, but you have to wear that new dress, throw on a cardigan because a cardigan makes everything better. I’m not kidding. If you want a little more guidance on layering, check out my previous post I mentioned, Just Another Layer. Now layer it up my fashionistas!

There are many pieces from you winter wardrobe that need to make appearances during the spring, such as: anything leather, anything fur, sweater dresses, and boots. You are probably thinking “fur and leather for spring? Really?” and my reply to that is, yes! However, you have to pair them with the proper things to make them look spring ready. When it comes to leather for spring, you must pair it with lighter and looser fabrics. Also less is more when it comes to leather; otherwise you might look like you are joining a motorcycle gang. Thank goodness fur is something to wear during the spring because I am not ready to give up my vests just yet. To make fur work for the spring, pair it with bright colors and simple fabrics like cotton. This will take the winter vibe away from the fur, and make you look spring ready. When it comes to sweater dresses, wear them without tights because a little bit of skin can take an outfit from winter to spring instantly. If your winter skin is basically translucent like mine is, either embrace it or throw on a bit of tanner, but do not avoid this style just because you look slightly purple. From booties to knee highs, boots are a great shoe to pair with your new spring dresses or with the classic jeans/T-shirt combo. However, don’t pair them with your booty shorts because you want to look trendy not trashy. Also booty shorts aren’t even in style for spring and summer, so you should probably just throw those daisy dukes away and invest in something a little bit longer. Please?

As I just mentioned, short shorts are no longer your friend for spring fashion. Longer shorts are trending for spring, and I am so happy about this. When it comes to shorts, try something with at least a 4 inch inseam, and I mean it when I say at least 4 inches. This year I have come to the conclusion that I will no longer wear short shorts because I do not think they are flattering in any way, so this year I am going to invest in shorts with a little more coverage and maybe even buy a pair of Bermuda’s. This may not be considered “hot” by some guys, and unfashionable girls may give you “the look”, but I am going to feel a whole lot better about myself and be more fashionable while doing so.

Black and white is a combo that could never go wrong, plus it is trending for spring. From color blocking to patterns, this color combo is here to stay. This doesn’t mean that you should shy away from color though. Colors of all kinds are something that you should embrace for spring, whether they are pastels are brights. Basically what I am saying is wear any color you want to, but don’t forget to add in a little black and white to make your outfit really pop.

There are many more trends you might want to take into consideration to really make your spring wardrobe fashionable. Don’t shy away from sheer fabrics like chiffon and organza because they can make an outfit both sexy and classy at the same time.  If you don’t feel comfortable just wearing the sheer fabric, just throw a little camisole underneath and you are good to go. Also tutu like skirts are really becoming popular, and they use these sheer fabrics or tulle, and they can keep your dream of being a ballerina alive. Keep mixing those patterns my fashionistas, because it is still trending and still looks good! While I am not a big fan of horizontal stripes, let’s just say there is an awful family photo of me that involves stripes, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace them. Just try it on before because they could end up making you look a lot bigger than you actually are, trust me on this. Ruffles are a great way to add some texture to what would normally be a plain looking shirt, dress, or skirt. Not only are they feminine, but they can add some curves in all the right places. So I advise you try these trends, and do a little research of your own if you want to make your spring wardrobe pop.

Spring doesn’t look nearly as scary when you know how to dress properly, so I hope these tips and trends helped. All I can say is dress appropriately for the weather because nothing looks stupider than a girl in shorts when it is snowing outside. So to all my fashionistas, dress smart and dress trendy.


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