Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Pinterest Picks

So I know it has been 2 weeks since I last posted, and I completely blame the fact that I got out of school and became lazy. So I apologize for that, but I am back and ready to blog about fashion all through the summer. When I posted my last month’s Pinterest Picks I wasn’t sure how it was going to go over, but after the great response I decided to make it a monthly thing. I even decided to add another category to the post, hair and makeup, because I have a new obsession with them, especially makeup. So if you have any makeup brands or products you love, you should let me know. Anywho, now I should probably get back on topic, so here are my May Pinterest Picks.

Day To Day

When I was younger I was under the impression that red heads couldn’t wear orange or red, but nowadays I love wearing these colors. When I saw this outfit I fell in love with it, and the next day I planned an outfit with this pin in mind. While I wore a checkered shirt similar to the one in the pin, I paired it with a pair of orange trousers. I got so many compliments on my outfit that day and was told that my outfit lit up the room. I am so glad I pinned this pin because it gave me inspiration for a new favorite outfit.

Continuing with the monochrome theme is this blue outfit. From the bag to the skirt I want this entire outfit. I especially love the statement necklace worn with the collared denim shirt. Glad I pinned this as well because I am now trying to plan an outfit from this pin, and it is proving to be great inspiration.

 Right Off The Runway


Valentino makes some of the most gorgeous gowns, and this one is no exception. It is so simple with only red fabric, but the construction of it is stunning. I love this not only because of the gown, but because the entire look of the model is so simple. Who would have thought that such a simple look could be so absolutely glamorous?

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, the Dolce and Gabbana has so much going on, yet it is just as stunning. I pinned this because if I had one of those crazy weddings, this is what I would wear. From what I have read, in real life the grey is a bit darker and the flowers are a bit more yellow, but I love it even in the photo.

Let’s Get Some Shoes

I whole heartedly worship J. Crew and everything about them, which is why I immediately pinned these shoes when I saw them. These pumps are from their Italian shoe line and have a BIG price tag to them, so I will continue admiring them on Pinterest instead of in my closet. However, if I had the money I would definitely purchase the leopard print shoes. Thinking about it, I would probably purchase the sparkly shoes, too, because what girl doesn’t like sparkle?

For some time now I have had a pair of dream shoes in my mind that I always want, but never purchase. A pair of black patent leather platform pumps can always make me drool, and these are no different. Something about the shine of the black against the pop of red just makes me go crazy for these Louboutins.  One day I will probably splurge on a pair of these, and I will love them forever.

Rings And Things

This Kate Spade bag is to die for! I Love the pop of orange along with the floral pattern. I think this is the ultimate summer bag, and I am now on the hunt to find something similar to it. I think it is the perfect size and can be carried by the strap or by the handles, which makes it a go to bag. If I find one similar to this I will definitely let you all know.


I am a sucker for vintage rings, which is why I love this ring. It is so simple, yet absolutely stunning. I would wear this everyday whether it was my wedding ring or just a regular ring. I would love to have this as my wedding ring though because it is so different yet classic looking.

Hair and Makeup

Since I cut my hair into a pixie I have always wondered what it would look like I have bleached it. However I do not have the guts to be a blonde because I am so attached to my red hair. I guess you are either attached to your hair itself or the color of it, and I happen to love being a ginger. Not only do I love the cut of this blonde pixie, but the colored tips give it a bit of fire and sass, and that is a must if you are going to rock a pixie.

I don’t think a simple makeup look could be any better. With the pop of an orange lip and the pop of the blue eyes, I think this look is perfect for me. With that being said, I have to admit that I went shopping for orange lipsticks and bought two, but I still want more. My favorite that I bought is the Maybelline Color Whisper in Orange Attitude, and I highly recommend it. If you have a coral/orange lipstick that you are loving you should let me know in the comments below.

No Fashion Involved

This wedding cake immediately caught my eye and is easily my favorite wedding cake I have ever seen. I am not a fan of cookie cutter weddings, and this is definitely something different. Also I am not the biggest fan of frosting, so that eliminates that issue. When I showed it to my dad he complained that his favorite part of cake is the frosting, so to eliminate that problem I told him if I had a cake like this I would have a bowl of frosting on the side just for him.

I’ve been told that I don’t have much of a sense of humor, but this made me laugh out loud. I am a massive fan of Ryan Lochte, but I also know that he is no genius. You can easily learn that in the first minute of an episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do? I came across this pin right before finals week and whenever I was on the verge of a breakdown when studying all I had to do was look at this and I was in a much better mood.

From this post I learned that my color of the summer is going to be orange. From clothes to makeup the color is popping up everywhere! I have no complaints though because orange is my second favorite color to pink. If you want to pin any of these pins or see my massive collection of other pins you can check out my page at and even follow me if you would like. Until next week…


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best and Worst: Met Gala 2013

It is so odd to think that this is the last blog post I will be writing as a freshman in college. Sure I am a bit sad, but I could not be more excited that my summer begins in less than a week! Woohoo! Although one down fall of summer the girls who refuse to buy shorts long enough to cover the bottom. They are truly the only downfall I can think off. Any who, on Monday one of my favorite fashion events occurred, the Met Gala. This year like the previous years, did not disappoint me. I was a bit worried that with a theme like punk the fashion would be to my dislike, but I was proved wrong. There were so many amazing looks, but just like every fashion event, where there is good there is bad. I may not be the most “punk” person (I am not punk at all), but I know what punk is, and some of them just missed the mark. So here are some of the stand out looks from the Met Gala, both the good and bad.


Beyoncé. I don’t think I need an explanation other than, she is queen! Well, I will add a few words because she deserves them. Beyoncé was on fire at the Met Gala, and I actually mean it considering her dress looked like flames!  Now I am impartial when it comes to Beyoncé because I love her, but she really did rock the red carpet with her punk themed look!  Queen B for life!

Sarah Jessica Parker. This is possibly my favorite look of the night, but I honestly can’t choose. She went all out with the punk theme, but made it so fashion forward. I envy how daring she is and doesn’t even look back. I think she nailed the punk theme with her Mohawk head piece, and her makeup was a perfect ten if you ask me.

Katy Perry. This must be a dream. Only a few weeks ago I pinned this look from the runway in my "Pinterest Picks" post  and then she steps out on the red carpet wearing it, and rocking it I might add. From the crown and earrings to the hair, I give this look a perfect ten! Although I would have changed the shoe because they cut her off and make her look a bit short, but at this point I don’t even care!

Anne Hathaway. I love my pixie cut as is, but I have always talked about bleaching it white blonde, so when I saw Anne I had a little freak out moment. It is so edgy, and she is totally rocking it, which makes me love her even more. This dress with the pattern that looks like zebra, the sheer cut outs, and the feather trimmed sleeves fits right into the punk theme, and it looks stunning on her.

Jennifer Lawrence. Can she be any more perfect? I am absolutely in love her and her perfect porcelain skin. I don’t even understand how she can be this perfect. Plus the fact that she is rocking a tea length dress, which I have always loved, makes her punk look even better. Hold up, the caged veil makes the even better punk look even better. Like I said, she is perfect!

Coco Rocha. I am convinced that no matter what she wears she looks perfect. It is not fair! This look is beyond perfect for the punk themed Met Gala, and she looks absolutely gorgeous in it. Leopard print is a tricky print to wear when it is a full length gown, but she makes it look like a walk in the park. The bangs may not be my favorite day to day look, but for this event they couldn’t be more fitting.

Cara Delevingne. I don’t think the punk theme could be any more perfect for Cara. She already has an edgy style, so I am guessing dressing for this event was so easy. The studded dress not only is gorgeous in itself, but it looks gorgeous on her. Plus her hair, makeup, and accessories make the look the perfect amount of grungy punk. Just like Coco, I don’t think she could look bad in anything.


The Olsen Twins. For women who are so involved in the fashion industry you would think they would be able to own the Met Gala, but I am beyond disappointed with their fashion choices. If the theme was girly pimp Mary Kate would have been perfect. If the theme has boho hippie Ashley would have been spot on. I think they missed the memo that the theme was actually punk because they totally missed the mark with their interesting fashion choices. 0 for 2 for the Olsen Twins.

Kim Kardashian. Imma’ let you finish, but Mrs. Doubtfire had the best floral outfit of all time. Sorry Kim, but the fact that you and Kanye are dating made me do that. I had no choice. While many don’t like Kim, I think she is great, but this outfit makes me dislike her quite a bit. I get that she is pregnant, I mean there is no way you wouldn’t know that, but this dress looks horrible and doesn’t even fit the punk theme. This is so awful and she is possibly the worst dressed overall. How could you do this to me Kim?

Linda Evangelista.She must have thought the Met Gala theme was ghost bride because she completely missed the punk theme. If anyone could tell me how this fits the punk theme that would be great because I have no idea how she came up with this. I have no clue who she even is, but she sure got my attention with this awful dress (Turns out she is a supermodel...I never would have known). It looks like something I would find in a little girl’s dress up box.

Cameron Diaz. Again with not even coming close to the punk theme, what was she thinking? Maybe she was trying to copy Gwyneth Paltrow’s 2012 Oscar’s ensemble, but that wasn’t even punk, and Cameron could never come close to looking as good as Gwyneth did. I do not know what she was thinking when she put this on for the Gala, maybe she wasn’t thinking. Not even the hair or makeup shows a glimpse of punk. Plus I don't even like Cameron.

Nicki Minaj. I really want to like this look, but I just can’t. I am a sucker for big hair, which clearly she has, and I love the dress, but this does not work. I think my biggest problem was the way she stood on the red carpet with her shoulders rolled forward. Either the dress was too small and she couldn’t stand properly or she is trying to be the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Knowing her the second choice is actually a possibility. Either way I do not like this look, even though I want to love it.

Zooey Deschanel. I have no idea what she was thinking. I didn’t even know this was her at first because she didn’t have her bangs. This is actually a really pretty and elegant look, which I love, but since the theme was punk it has to go on the worst dressed list. I would even wear this dress which shows how much this look wasn’t punk.  Maybe if she was going to brunch in the Hamptons this would have been fitting, but this isn’t brunch, and she missed the theme completely. 

Rita Ora. This look isn’t bad, but it sure as heck doesn’t fit the punk theme. I am so disappointed with Rita because she could have rocked the punk theme. This doesn’t even seem like her because it has no sass or spice. While she looks gorgeous, I know she could have done so much better considering the theme was punk. She so easily could have rocked the theme like her best friend Cara did. So disappointed!

The Met Gala red carpet showed the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some looks I loved and others made me cringe and look away. However, I can’t wait until next year’s Gala!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Online Shopping Anyone?

Since the college town I live in does not have the best shopping, I have had to look elsewhere to find the latest fashions, this being online shopping. Not only can I look at stores only available across the pond, but also ones that only exist online. However, being a college student doesn’t allow me to buy clothing willy nilly, which is why I currently pretend online shop. As strange as it sounds, it actually gets rid of my need to shop, without spending all the money, but that means I also don’t get the clothes. I have often found myself lost in the depths of Anthropologie or ASOS, when I happen to glance at my shopping basket filled with thousands of dollars’ worth of clothing. By shopping with Monopoly money I have come across some great websites, whether they are just online or have actual stores. So I figured share some of the best websites I have come across, some you have heard of and others you might not have heard of.

ASOS has quickly become one of my favorite websites. From the thousands of fashions to the amazing discounts, this website is bound to become one of your favorites too. The first item I purchased from them was my swimsuit that I posted about in my Spring Break Haul post. While I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, I blame the bipolar Colorado weather; I just know that I am going to love wearing it. Whenever I need to burn some free time, I can most likely be found surfing the pages upon pages of ASOS. They cater to college students with their UNiDAYS program, which I find absolutely lovely. UNiDAYS is available in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, and the US, giving discounts to college students around the world. When you register as a college student with their website, you not only receive a 10% discount all year round, but discounts of 25% spread out throughout the year. With luck I came across the 25% discount when purchasing my swimsuit.  Plus who doesn’t love giveaways, which they also do throughout the year. ASOS has a vast selection of clothing, keeping all styles for every kind of fashionista in mind. And quite a few shoes and accessories, what’s not to love? So, when you need an outfit for any occasion, pretend or real, I highly advise checking out ASOS, and I bet that you will love it just as much as I do.

ModCloth is an amazing website where you can find all your clothing needs, especially vintage. I have known about this website for a couple of years now, and it has rarely disappointed me. While the prices are sometimes high, they do have a great selection. Like I said, they have a great selection of clothing including dresses, blouses, and swimwear. They also have all sizes ranging from petite to plus size, so there truly is something for everyone. One thing I love about this website is that they have so many designers, just like ASOS, which gives you an opportunity to buy all different styles of clothing. Along with clothing and accessories is their selection of home décor. So when you need to burn some time, or money, check out ModCloth.

Now don’t let the name fool you because Shabby Apple is anything but shabby. Their vintage clothing is to die for, and I love almost everything on the sight. Not only do the clothes have a vintage vibe, but they are modest too.  The one downfall of Shabby Apple is that they are a bit expensive, but with a sale section, you are bound to find something within your price range at one time or another. Plus the kids section, which I am only looking at for the cuteness factor and not for actual clothing, is always fun to look at. The quality of their clothing seems amazing, so when I have the money, I will definitely be stopping at Shabby Apple.

Without J. Crew my life would be sad and
colorless. While I can’t buy J. Crew all the time, I wish I could, I enjoy drooling over all the clothes on their website. On all the websites I can create a shopping cart with totals that I can only dream of spending, but I think J. Crew is the worst of them all. Once I get going I just can’t stop, which would be even worse if I had the money to spend because I am quite sure that I wouldn’t have any money left after shopping on J. Crew. Dresses, pants, swimwear, I love it all, including their male models. They too are to die for. Not only do I just go pretend shopping on J. Crew, but I also get a lot of styling ideas from them. Whenever I am stuck in a style rut, a quick stop on J Crew websites and I have a mind full of new ideas.

Last, but not least is Anthropologie. Need I say more? If you don’t find yourself wasting hours on Anthropologie then you aren’t spending your time right. Actually you are, I am the one with the problem. Is there a place for Anthropologie addicts? Just like J. Crew, I get amazing styling ideas, along with amazing clothes. If I could afford all the clothes I wanted from there my credit card would be in major trouble. Not only are their clothes different and tendy, but so is their home décor. I found some amazing wallpaper, but after hearing how hard wallpaper is to put up, I quickly discarded it from my shopping cart. If Anthropologie’s website ever goes down I would be lost, but would have some more free time to do things that are actually productive.

Spending thousands of imaginary dollars is a great way to get rid of my shopping blues while living in a college town where many people think sweatpants are the answer to everything. Whenever you have a bit of free time or a bit of the shopping blues just remember that online shopping, pretend or not, is an amazing thing. For now, I am just going to pretend shop and fill my online shopping carts to the brim and beyond.


PS. Here are all the websites for easy access