Thursday, February 14, 2013

New York Fashion Week: Fall 2013 Faves

Firstly, Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope your day is filled with love from beginning to end. Secondly, now that New York Fashion Week: Fall 2013 is over (don’t worry London Fashion Week starts tomorrow!), I thought it would only be right to talk about my favorite shows and looks from the week. From day one I knew the week was going to be filled with amazing fashions, and I was not disappointed. From Tadashi Shoji to Marc By Marc Jacobs, designers really went all out, and they surely impressed me. So here are some of my favorite looks and my favorite shows from fashion week.

Now don’t get me wrong, Badgley Mischka's entire show was amazing, but this dress was by far my favorite from his show. The moment the model stepped onto the runway I couldn’t look away. One reason I love it so much is because I get such a 1920’s vibe. I have always loved the look of art deco, and the embellishment on this dress did not disappoint that love. Also this dress really hits home metallic and sparkle, which are definitely trending for the fall.

Marchesa gowns have always been some of my favorites because they keep my dream of becoming a princess alive. This fuchsia gown is absolutely stunning in photos, and I am sure that in real life it is even better. The little peep of the famous Marchesa embellishment on the neckline of the dress only adds to its beauty. If I don’t see this dress step out onto the red carpet, I will be absolutely shocked!

Now for a look that I might actually be able to wear on a daily basis is this pink ensemble from the J. Crew exhibition. I would not have to be asked twice to put on this outfit, but I would have to be asked a million times to get me to take it off. Pink is by far my favorite color, so is it crazy that this is one of my favorite looks? I think not. This outfit is modest and quite fashionable, which is so fitting when it comes to my style, and that is why this look makes my list of favorites.
Diane Von Furstenberg is a woman of power in the fashion world, and she has always been one of my idols. After her show, I think she is now an idol more than ever. Her entire show was amazing because she didn’t shy away from color, and this look in particular made an impact on me. I love the bright punch of fuchsia for the suit and the patterned orange button up she paired with it made the look even better. If I worked for a fashion magazine (maybe one day), this look would surely be in my closet, but I won’t lie, this look would be in my closet at this very second if I could afford it.

Now I know that the minute you looked at this ensemble you probably wondered if I had lost my mind, and I thought the same thing when I realized how much I loved this look from Concept Korea. Now I have never been a fan of graffiti print on clothing and this time is no different, but the jacket is a whole other story. For some absolutely unknown reason I am head over heels for this jacket. The color is what first caught my eye, but when I saw that it was fur it was love at first sight. I actually want this jacket, but where I would actually wear it is the problem. My mom suggested Vail or Aspen, but if I bought the coat I’m sure I would have zero dollars to go anywhere. For now I will just dream about this gorgeous jacket.

Tadashi Shoji killed it! I have no other way of describing the amazingness that was his Fall 2013 show.  It was one of the first I watched, and it managed to stay one of my favorites through the entire week. Now that is truly saying something. When the first model set foot on the runway I thought “Well this will be nice, but nothing extraordinary.” Boy was I ever wrong. As the show went on, I got more and more sucked in, and when this stunning blue dress set foot on the runway I was sold. The color, the velvet, the design, I still can’t get over the fact how beautiful it is. The show’s magic continued to shine when this black sheer gown with floral metallic silver overlay stepped out. This is a gown that I not just hope, but expect to see on the red carpet. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, two feathered dresses, one black the other white, walked the runway. Even just writing about them I get a feeling, but I can’t even begin to describe this feeling. They too are some of my favorites from Fashion Week. From the hair and make-up to the music, I would have to say that Tadashi Shoji’s Fall 2013 show was an absolute hit. I can’t get over how perfect the show was and how I sat wishing I was there the entire time my eyes were glued to my laptop screen.

Marc by Marc Jacobs caught my eye the minute I saw the big hair and red lips. He not only had stunning clothing, but the hair and make-up was to die for! If I had long hair again and was going out for a night on the town, or if I was going to my high school prom, I promise you that my hair would be just as I had seen on this runway. Just pass me a can of hairspray and some curlers! Now onto the clothes! One giant step into the 1970’s was where this show took me. Now I may not have been born during that era, but I do know that Marc Jacobs nailed this theme. The prints were large and loud, and he is part of the reason I want to jump onto the crazy prints train. This white dress is printed with a print within a print. And what do I mean by that? Not only is the dress already printed with tulips, but on top of that the tulips bulbs are made out of a print of their own. I love this dress, but I mostly want the patterned sunglasses. They are massive and to die for! The short black mini with the knee length fur coat is breaking a fashion rule that I told you to break (Check my post, Tossin’ Some Rules Out if you don’t remember) and dang does it look good. The contrast between the chic LBD and the fur coat is perfect yet so simple, which is why it caught my attention. I know I posted this red monochromatic look yesterday, but since I love it so much, I am going to post it again. Not only do I love this look on its own, but the fact that it was on a red head only makes me love it more. In fact, I want this look in my closet, right this very second. Marc by Marc Jacobs was a definite hit in my eyes, and just like Tadashi Shoji, Marc Jacobs nailed his show.

Lastly, I thought I would share my favorite model of the week, Cara Delevigne. She is so gorgeous and her eyebrows are the talk of the town. Not only did she walk in a quite a few shows like Marc By Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui, but she was the cover of this month’s Vogue UK. If I ever had the chance to meet her I would die of excitement. She is not what you think of personality wise for a model, which I love. Cara is loud, hilarious, and definitely not afraid to speak her mind.  Basically, I just want to be best friends with her. She nailed New York Fashion Week: Fall 2013 and is jumping straight into London Fashion Week: Fall 2013 starting tomorrow. I will most definitely be watching!
So this is the end of my Fashion Week favorites, but honestly, I could go one for hours about all the things I loved about Fashion Week. If you haven’t seen yesterday’s part one post about what is trending for Fall 2013, I highly advise you check it out. Until next week…



  1. Dear "Fashionately" Sarah,

    You say you look up to Cara Delevigne because she is gorgeous and "her eyebrows are the talk of the town". First off, get your priorities straight. Secondly, you talk about all these powerful women who are able to speak their own mind and be confident in what they are saying yet you hide behind a computer screen? Part of giving criticism is being able to take it. Which I'm pretty sure you cannot, seeing as the only comments that have been left anywhere on your blog support what you are saying. Implying that you have most likely deleted anyone else's comment that does not go with your opinion. Furthermore, who the hell do you think you are to tell anyone what they can and cannot wear?! I understand "freedom of speech" and what not, but you have no right what so ever to criticize someone else's dress sense. Good for you if you can afford the high end clothing that most people can only dream of owning. Especially when it comes to your "Tossin’ Some Rules Out" post. There is a reason that most of the population enjoys wearing what you deem as "inappropriate" clothing. But I'm sorry to tell you that what you say is not suitable for wearing outside the house is affordable and more importantly comfortable to wear. And who would pick to wear skinny jeans and high heels over sweats and uggs when all they are doing is going to buy some milk?! Do you really think they are all wrong? And that the girl who hides behind a blog is right? For all we know you could be the class whale, who only wears hoodies, leggings and the camel toe to match!

    Finally, you my dear, have more issues than the latest "Vogue UK" magazine.

  2. Boy someone has issues! Miss Sarah you have fantastic fashion advise! Personally I find jeans and boots far more comfortable and better looking than "sweats and uggs" even if it's just going to get milk. And if your blog picture is any indication I think class whale hiding in leggings and hoodies is as far from the truth as someone can get!
    Well that's my two cents, keep up the good work!