Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New York Fashion Week: Fall 2013

To regular people, last Thursday had no special meaning, but to fashionistas around the world, Thursday meant the kickoff of one amazing week. And by amazing week, I mean New York Fashion Week: Fall 2013. For the first time, some of the shows were live streamed on the internet, which means that if I wasn’t at class (homework included) or sleeping, I was most likely mesmerized by glorious designs appearing on my laptop. Since my love of Fashion Week is quite immense, I realized that doing only one update this week would not be doing it justice. So not only am I posting today, but I am posting tomorrow as well. Today’s post is going to be about the trends that I have seen popping up across the runways, and I can promise you that you are going to love them!

So the colors that I have seen on the runways are one of my favorite trends. Basically every color has been shown on the runways for fall, but one that I am especially noticing is red. Now red will always be in style, but it has made a showing in almost every show I have glanced at. Also darker colors such as army green, brown, navy, and black seem to be popping up all over the runway. I could not be happier with these color trends because as a red head these are some of my go to colors. In general though, these colors look great on almost anyone, plus they can be mixed with so many other colors. Neutrals such as camel are also a big hit on the runways, but more as accent colors rather than whole outfits.

Prints of all kinds are taking over the fashion world, and to this I say HOORAY! I love wearing prints, and Fashion Week is making me feel absolutely daring when it comes to them. And what do I mean by that? I am talking about wearing full outfits made up of printed fabrics. Now to many, this trend may seem ugly and wrong on so many levels, but I am head over heels in love with it! Whether it is all one print or multiple prints, I am feeling inspired and want to dive straight into this trend. While “out of this world” patterns might not be everyone’s cup of tea, a pattern that is really making a strong impact on the runways is animal print, and who doesn’t like animal print? Whether it’s shown how it is found in nature or looks like it has been taken over by a rainbow, I am loving it. I think everyone feels a slight bit more confident when wearing animal print, so I challenge everyone to take on this animal print trend.

Fur, fur, and more fur.  That’s right, this trend is faux real (see what I did there!) and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. From fur vests to fur accents, this is a trend that I am in love with. Having recently purchased two fur vests (one of them is like wearing a polar bear!) I couldn’t be happier that this is such a hot trend for Fall 2013. Although, when fur is used just on the sleeves I am not such a fan because I don’t really want to look like my arms have been replaced with a gorilla’s.

Going along with the fur trend is leather. When thinking of leather you are probably thinking of jackets, but the trend is taken so much further for Fall 2013. Not only is it used for skirts and pants, but leather is now used as an accent on elegant evening gowns. Plus if you are ever looking for some thigh high leather leg warmers, BCBGMAXAZRIA has you covered! I think what is so great about this trend is that it can take quite a feminine outfit and turn it into an edgy fashion statement. Everyone should embrace the greatness that is leather!

To add to fur and leather is velvet. Since I was an Irish dancer for many years (11 to be exact) and velvet was always a big trend in that world, I have always had a soft spot it. Pants, dresses, and jackets have all been taken over by this trend. I definitely want a pair of velvet pants at this moment, and possibly even a velvet blazer. I think this fabric is a classic and can definitely add a little sophistication to an outfit, but can also be taken in an edgy direction. I would have to say that this is by far one of my favorite trends for Fall 2013.

When it comes to embellishments, sparkles and sequins are all the rage. I believe this requires a little happy dance because I am a girl who never turns down a little sparkle and shine. Entire dresses are being made out of sequins, and since that isn’t appropriate for day to day wear, this trend is used in many other ways. Sparkles are being used to accents outfits and really make clothing pop, so I highly advise this trend for anyone who loves to feel glamorous on a daily basis. Plus, doesn’t everyone want to sparkle and shine?

As I just said, to go along with sparkle is shine, which is why metallics trending. Well maybe not, but in my mind that is the reason. A great thing about metallics are that they are a great replacement for when sequins are not appropriate, like for work. Now I do not own any metallic clothing, but seeing it used as an accent on clothing really makes me want to shop around for something metallic. Even seeing it used as a whole jacket makes me want to drop everything and run to the nearest mall. While this isn’t a trend for everyone, I advise that if you are a daring you should try it.

I cannot wait for fall to come about because I absolutely love these trends! I am sure there are many, many more trends, but unless you want this post to be the length of a novel I advise you do a little research of your own. Now if you can’t tell by how lengthy this post is, I really do love Fashion Week, which is why I am posting again tomorrow. Because let’s be honest, a whole week of new fashion cannot be put into a single post. So you should check back again tomorrow to see some of my favorite looks that walked the runway, and what shows made me stop in my tracks. See you tomorrow my fashionistas!


PS. If you want to know what shows pictures are from, just ask in the comment section.

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