Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fashion + Fashion = Style

The great Anna Wintour once said “Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” Every person, fashionable or not, has their own style, and this style cannot be described with just one word. People may identify themselves as “boho chic” or “prep”, but I think they are lying. Not one person has a style that solely consists of just one type of fashion. You must make your style unique to you, just like Anna Wintour said, and if you try to identify yourself as one type of fashion then you aren’t being different at all. My style is influenced by many different fashions such as prep and hipster, and because I have multiple influences, my style is something that people can identify me by. You could even consider me a prepster, just like in the photo. Recently I have been thinking of how many different fashions there are, so I figured I would identify some of the massively influential ones, which in turn will hopefully influence you.

Just might be true love!
Prep is a fashion that influences a lot of people’s style, including mine. There is something so classic about prep, and it has been made well known by designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, and J. Crew who are some of my personal favorites. I have always wanted to be a part of the Hilfiger family, but who hasn’t at one point or another? When I think of prep I think of very clean lines, bright colors with neutrals, and lots and lots of polos. However, that alone does not make up the prep style. I think to pull off the prep look you must look groomed and very put together. Just look at Ralph Lauren models, and if you want a real treat look at the male models. The prep style oozes confidence and pride, and is a very American style. Something that I have picked up about dressing prep is that on days that I am just not feeling like myself, if I throw on a button down/sweater combo and some penny loafers I instantly feel better and more confident. Prep fashion is all about looking and feeling confident, and maybe a little bit of elitism, but who doesn’t like feeling a little bit above everyone else?

Hipster. I don’t think I could describe this fashion even if I tried. To be hipster is to dress different and just not care about what people think. So many people say that being hipster is so cliché, but those are the people that think this fashion is all about wearing glasses and carrying a type writer around instead of a laptop. I would say that hipster has a large influence on the way I dress, but you don’t see me bashing everything that is main stream. I think when dressing hipster you need to take mainstream items and wear them in ways that you normally wouldn’t. Also if you want to be hipster, try and avoid Abercrombie because some things are just too main stream to make different (there is a little main stream bashing for you). Stop caring what people think because if I cared every time somebody looked at me funny or thought what I was wearing was strange I’m pretty sure I would be curled up in a ball and refusing to leave my dorm. I think the reason why I let hipster influence my style so much is because I hate to be dressed like everyone else and I like to make people question what I am wearing. “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Even Dr. Seuss was kind of hipster before hipster was even a thing.

Everyone has days where they want to be carefree, at least I do, and that is where boho comes into play. An easy going attitude and light weight flowing fabrics is what comes to mind when I think of boho. Now this fashion does not have much of an influence on my style because, to be honest, nothing about me is carefree. Although, I do admire anyone who can pull off this laid back look. Maxi skirts have become a staple to nail this look, but you have to pair them with the proper kind of top to look boho and not hobo (just don’t mix the letters around and you will be fine). Looser tops can be worn with maxi skirts, but not to the point where they look like a sheet. Also a lot of loose knits look great with this, and who doesn’t love a loose knit top. Maybe one day I will be able to pull off this fashion, but at this point I would have to stop being so uptight and just relax a little, and as of now that won’t be happening.

Vogue has become a place where I can let my mind wander to the land of couture. By no means can I afford couture clothing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream of wearing an Elie Saab gown on my wedding day (Gossip Girl’s finale only fed that dream). Couture isn’t necessarily a big influence on my style identity, but rather an influence on all types of style. It is something that can be taken in so many directions, which is why I think it is so influential. From designers such as the always fabulous Valentino to the more daring Dior, these aren’t styles that can be worn on a day to day basis, but can definitely inspire them. I drool over the pages of Vogue and would do almost anything to put on a couture gown, but as far as I’m concerned that won’t be happening any time soon. A lot of the time you can tell clothing that has been inspired by the couture side of things because they do look more expensive and stand out in a crowd. I’m quite sure that I won’t be wearing couture clothing at any point in my life, but I can wear couture inspired clothing!

These are only a few fashions that I admire, but there are so many more that inspire today’s style. Eras such as the eighties (hands down my favorite) are still influencing fashion and style to this very day. Eras in general make come backs every once in a while, all you have to do is look and you will begin to notice how past eras inspire todays. Also there are many fashions that don’t have an influence on my style such as goth, skater, and even scandalous (may also be referred to as trashy), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t venture into them. So I hope that by seeing all these different types of fashion you begin to think of what fashions influence your style (let me know in the comments) and maybe even consider trying something new. Overall I just hope you are being unique and standing out. Who knows, your style might even influence others!


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