Thursday, December 6, 2012

Modest is Hottest

This week has become a week of horrible fashion, not for me, but for many others. Now I am not going to lie, I judge people on how they present themselves in public, especially when it comes to clothing. I am not afraid to voice my opinions on this subject, and some people find this to be rude and inappropriate. Now some of you may be thinking how awful I am for judging others, but don’t lie to yourself, you do it too. Now what comes to mind when I look at people in public is how appropriate their clothing choices are and how modest they are.

 When the word modesty is brought to thought, what do you think of? Some of you may be thinking of a person covered from head to toe in clothing that isn’t very fashionable, and others may be thinking of a person who looks fashionable, but could spend the day with their grandparents. When I think of modesty I think of the latter one. I mean, do you really want your boobs hanging out when you are spending the day with your grandparents? I sure don’t, and if you do, I think there might be something wrong with you. To all the scantily clad girls (you don’t deserve to be called women), there are quite a few people who don’t want to see that much of you, me being one of them. I don’t want to see your bum hanging out, your boobs in full view, and especially your “woo-hoo” out for the world to see. I don’t want to see this in class, in the dining hall, or even at parties, and I find it disgusting if you think this is the appropriate way to dress.

There are many clothing choices that are modest, yet still sexy. I enjoy showing of my butt in curve hugging dresses, but I make sure that the dress is long enough and that I am not showing too much skin up top.  I would feel uncomfortable in a dress that I couldn’t move in and that if I did my whole bottom and “woo-hoo” would be showing. I also don’t think my parents would be very happy to see pictures of their daughter like that on Facebook, especially when they think it is funny to call me a nun. So when you want to go out for a night on the town, choose pieces that complement each other. One way to do this is choosing one tight piece and one loose piece. So if you choose to wear tight jeans, wear a looser top because not only does it look a bit more modest, but it is also more flattering. Wouldn’t you want to look hot and not feel like you should be on a street corner? I know I would. When going out to parties, make sure your outfit fits the season. A short tight dress with 5-inch heels is not a clothing choice that comes to mind when thinking of wintertime and it is not modest. A more winter-ready appropriate party look is a skirt with a sweater. Now I sure you are thinking I’m crazy and saying “A skirt and sweater to a party? I don’t want to look like my grandma.” But add some sparkles and jewelry and the outfit is still modest and party appropriate (If you still don’t believe me look at the picture). These are only a few ideas for a modest party outfit; feel free to share your ideas.

College is a time to find out who you are and to express yourself, but that does not mean expressing your boobs in the classroom. If you really insist on wearing a low cut T-shirt to class, please wear a scarf or something, I am begging you! Not only are you distracting every boy in the classroom as they stare at you, but you are also distracting me because I am trying to figure out how you feel comfortable looking like that in class. To avoid this scenario, here are some clothing choices that will make you feel great about yourself, and stop making me question your dignity. As I have posted about before, scarfs are a great layering piece, but they also are great for covering up low cut T-shirts. A great pair of fitting jeans is also important when it comes to dressing modestly on a daily basis. Make sure your jeans are the right size for you because muffin top and butt crack are not only gross, but they aren’t really considered modest.  Just because you have a pair of pants that are a size 4, doesn’t mean another pair won’t be size 6. It isn’t that you are gaining weight; it is just that all pants are made differently. When dressing modestly, wearing the proper size is key. That means buying all clothes that fit, no matter what the size is. I have learned this, and honestly I don’t care what size I am buying anymore. The pictures are great examples of modest, but great outfits. Try one out!

Hopefully you all have some new ideas on how to dress modestly and appropriately whether it is a regular day or a night out on the town. By dressing modestly and appropriately, people will notice you for the right reasons, and you will feel good about yourself.  By the way, yoga pants and leggings are not considered appropriate for daily wear ever! If you think so, read my first post Sweatpants, and Leggings, and Shorts, Oh My and you may reconsider. Finally, if you are ever questioning an outfit fit, ask yourself, would it be appropriate to wear around your grandparents?


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