Monday, November 26, 2012

Just Another Layer

As I look out the window of my dorm room, I can’t help but smile. You may think that I am smiling because there are attractive shirtless guys outside or my wish, like Emma Stone’s, of John Cusack standing outside my window finally came true. But no, although I wish those were true, I am smiling because snow is falling and the sun is barely shining. To this I must shout “Finally!” Now I don’t hate summer, but being as pale as I am, daisy dukes and tank tops don’t look that great on my white skin, even when I think I have a tan. Fall and winter are much more enjoyable for me because the clothes are so much cuter, and I can cover up a lot of my “almost translucent” complexion. I achieve this by layering, which is a great tool to use on a college campus when walking and biking are your only modes of transportation.  So here are tips on layering that keep you warm and looking adorable too.

Not only do I love sweaters on their own, but now layering them with collared shirts has become one of my new favorite looks. Actually, sweaters layered over anything is what I love right now. Whether you layer it over a dress or with a classic blazer, this look is a perfect way to look stylish while being warm. Layering sweaters can be tricky because layering the wrong pieces can make you look bulky, which is something you definitely want to avoid. If layering a dress and sweater, I advise using a dress with a thinner fabric. By doing this you can easily layer a cashmere sweater over top, or a cable knit sweater, without adding bulk. As I said earlier, I am loving sweaters with collared shirts. I would say that this look has become an instant classic for me. What is so great about it is that most collared shirts, such as button downs, are made out of thin fabrics like cotton, which makes it a great layering piece. Also, they come in so many different patterns, that it is hard not find at least one that becomes a “must have.” Now these are only a few ways to layer sweaters, so I am leaving it up to you to experiment and share your ideas.

To say that I love scarves is an understatement. Even as I am typing this post I am wearing my new scarf that I bought over the weekend. I am so dedicated to them that not even summer can stop me from throwing one on. I believe that everyone should own a scarf, whether you are a guy or girl. Scarves come in so many different fabrics and patterns, that you are bound to find at least one that you like. They are great to add a personal touch to outfits, and they keep your neck nice and toasty. By adding a bright printed or chunky knit scarf and a dark pair of tights, a summery looking dress easily becomes a great cold weather outfit. If you want a laid back layered outfit, a sweater and scarf is easy to throw together. On a day when it is quite chilly out, a scarf not only becomes a way to keep warm, but adds even more style to your outfit.

If you are feeling really daring, you could try multiple different layers, which can be easily done by combining ideas from above, and using ideas of you own. How about sometime this week you try throwing on a fur vest with a sweater? The sweater instantly becomes chic and you are a lot warmer.  Do you have a blazer that you are just not sure what to pair with? Layer it over a sweater or a dress, and your outfit becomes even better. A blazer is no longer just for the office, but is something that can be worn on any average day. If you need some inspiration, check out my clothing board on Pinterest ( There are great ideas on how to layer almost any piece of clothing. One final piece of advice is not to be afraid of layering different prints and colors. You will stand out on during the cloudy days and will look adorable.

I don’t think I have ever been so excited for the cold weather to come in, and I hope with my layering tips, you will be just as excited. Stay warm!


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  1. I think I'm in the mood for wearing my new blazer tomorrow! And I'm definitely wearing it with a sweater. Super cute!