Friday, December 28, 2012

Fashion in The New Year

Considering the New Year is only a few days away, I figured that I would share a few resolutions. Now I am not talking about your average resolutions like losing ten pounds or eating healthier. I’m talking about fashion resolutions! These resolutions will not only make you more fashionable, but I think they help you feel even better about yourself. So here are some fashion resolutions that are easy to do and turn you into a true fashionista. Let’s make 2013 the most fashionable year yet!

First, NEVER WEAR LEGGINGS AS PANTS. This is a huge pet peeve of mine, and I wish the so called “trend” would disappear. My rule of thumb when it comes to leggings is that as long as your shirt/dress completely covers your bottom and a little more (mid-thigh would be perfect), then I would say wearing leggings is acceptable. To go along with wearing leggings, don’t wear a skin tight shirt on top. Not only does it not look good, at least in my eyes, but it also isn’t very figure flattering. By wearing a looser top you are taking away pounds, not adding them.  So if this is a resolution you think you can achieve, wear a longer and looser top, and never ever think wearing them as pants is acceptable.

Second, DON’T LEAVE THE HOUSE IN SWEATS OR YOGA PANTS UNLESS YOU ARE WORKING OUT. Along with leggings, this is another pet peeve of mine. Putting on a pair of jeans is really not that hard, you don’t even have to iron them. If you are in public who looks more presentable, and person in baggy sweats or a person in jeans? Personally, I am going with the person in jeans, and if you think the person in baggy sweats is more presentable, you might want to pick up a fashion magazine. There isn’t much to this resolution other than not putting on sweats and yoga pants, so if you are looking for something that doesn’t require much effort, this might be for you.

Third, DON’T GET IN A FASHION RUT. Everyone has one trend that they are head over heels for, but wearing it every day just wears it out. There are so many trends out there, so don’t get stuck with only one. Even try mixing trends together, it is just like mixing prints. As long as they are similar, a great outfit can surely come from them. You may also have and outfit that is your absolute favorite, but if you wear it every week, it begins to lose its specialness.  To avoid getting in a rut, try and not wear the same outfit twice. Now I don’t mean never wear the same outfit twice, but don’t repeat it for at least two weeks. That way, when you do repeat an outfit, it seems new again. Also by adding new accessories to classic outfits, such as a T-shirt and jeans, you easily make them a new outfit, and stay out of the classic rut.I know how easy it is to get in a fashion rut, but it is also quite easy to get out of it. To achieve this resolution, just think outside the box and be creative.

Fourth, TRY SHOPPING AT NEW STORES. This is something that I absolutely love because I always have pieces of clothing that nobody else has. As I have gotten older, I have realized that a label doesn’t make the clothing great. I am not afraid to shop at places such as TJ Maxx and Target, or even Sears and Wal-Mart. I’m sure right now you are questioning these choices, but because I shop at a variety of stores, my wardrobe doesn’t match anybody else’s. This trend may seem kind of intimidating because you might worry that people are going to laugh by shopping at unexpected places, but all I have to say to that, is get over it. Your wardrobe is going to be a lot more diverse than others, and that will make you more of a fashionista.

Fifth, BUY THE SIZE THAT FITS NOT THE SIZE YOU THINK YOU ARE. I cannot emphasize this enough! You may think you are a size 2, but a size 4 might fit a whole lot better. All brands fit differently, which means that you are not the same size in every brand. Don’t be afraid to buy a large, when you are usually a medium. Even I took some time learning this lesson, and even cried when it came to sizes, but now I don’t care what size it is as long as I know I look good in it. If the size of a piece clothing bothers you, just cut the tag out. Size truly does not matter when it comes to clothing, what matters is how good you look in the clothing. This is a resolution that I think everyone needs to take part in.
Sixth, TRY SOMETHING NEW. I know this is so cliché, but it is so fitting when it comes to fashion. I there a piece of clothing you are too scared to try or a color that intimidates you? Just try it on. Trying it on isn’t going to kill you, and by doing this you can stop wondering on whether it looks good or not. Plus you might find out that you look drop dead gorgeous in the dress that taunts you every time you walk into the store. This resolution is something that every single person can take part in. Just do it!

Now these are only a few fashion resolutions and I am sure you can think of many more. By reading these I hope that your inner fashionista has become inspired and that you are ready to take a chance with fashion in the new year. I can promise you that doing something daring when it comes to fashion can make your year. Don’t believe me? This year I took a chance and got a pixie cut, and now I wouldn’t think of going back to long hair. So as the new  year rolls in take a chance and don’t look back. You won’t regret it.


 PS. Happy New Years!

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