Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Online Shopping Anyone?

Since the college town I live in does not have the best shopping, I have had to look elsewhere to find the latest fashions, this being online shopping. Not only can I look at stores only available across the pond, but also ones that only exist online. However, being a college student doesn’t allow me to buy clothing willy nilly, which is why I currently pretend online shop. As strange as it sounds, it actually gets rid of my need to shop, without spending all the money, but that means I also don’t get the clothes. I have often found myself lost in the depths of Anthropologie or ASOS, when I happen to glance at my shopping basket filled with thousands of dollars’ worth of clothing. By shopping with Monopoly money I have come across some great websites, whether they are just online or have actual stores. So I figured share some of the best websites I have come across, some you have heard of and others you might not have heard of.

ASOS has quickly become one of my favorite websites. From the thousands of fashions to the amazing discounts, this website is bound to become one of your favorites too. The first item I purchased from them was my swimsuit that I posted about in my Spring Break Haul post. While I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, I blame the bipolar Colorado weather; I just know that I am going to love wearing it. Whenever I need to burn some free time, I can most likely be found surfing the pages upon pages of ASOS. They cater to college students with their UNiDAYS program, which I find absolutely lovely. UNiDAYS is available in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, and the US, giving discounts to college students around the world. When you register as a college student with their website, you not only receive a 10% discount all year round, but discounts of 25% spread out throughout the year. With luck I came across the 25% discount when purchasing my swimsuit.  Plus who doesn’t love giveaways, which they also do throughout the year. ASOS has a vast selection of clothing, keeping all styles for every kind of fashionista in mind. And quite a few shoes and accessories, what’s not to love? So, when you need an outfit for any occasion, pretend or real, I highly advise checking out ASOS, and I bet that you will love it just as much as I do.

ModCloth is an amazing website where you can find all your clothing needs, especially vintage. I have known about this website for a couple of years now, and it has rarely disappointed me. While the prices are sometimes high, they do have a great selection. Like I said, they have a great selection of clothing including dresses, blouses, and swimwear. They also have all sizes ranging from petite to plus size, so there truly is something for everyone. One thing I love about this website is that they have so many designers, just like ASOS, which gives you an opportunity to buy all different styles of clothing. Along with clothing and accessories is their selection of home décor. So when you need to burn some time, or money, check out ModCloth.

Now don’t let the name fool you because Shabby Apple is anything but shabby. Their vintage clothing is to die for, and I love almost everything on the sight. Not only do the clothes have a vintage vibe, but they are modest too.  The one downfall of Shabby Apple is that they are a bit expensive, but with a sale section, you are bound to find something within your price range at one time or another. Plus the kids section, which I am only looking at for the cuteness factor and not for actual clothing, is always fun to look at. The quality of their clothing seems amazing, so when I have the money, I will definitely be stopping at Shabby Apple.

Without J. Crew my life would be sad and
colorless. While I can’t buy J. Crew all the time, I wish I could, I enjoy drooling over all the clothes on their website. On all the websites I can create a shopping cart with totals that I can only dream of spending, but I think J. Crew is the worst of them all. Once I get going I just can’t stop, which would be even worse if I had the money to spend because I am quite sure that I wouldn’t have any money left after shopping on J. Crew. Dresses, pants, swimwear, I love it all, including their male models. They too are to die for. Not only do I just go pretend shopping on J. Crew, but I also get a lot of styling ideas from them. Whenever I am stuck in a style rut, a quick stop on J Crew websites and I have a mind full of new ideas.

Last, but not least is Anthropologie. Need I say more? If you don’t find yourself wasting hours on Anthropologie then you aren’t spending your time right. Actually you are, I am the one with the problem. Is there a place for Anthropologie addicts? Just like J. Crew, I get amazing styling ideas, along with amazing clothes. If I could afford all the clothes I wanted from there my credit card would be in major trouble. Not only are their clothes different and tendy, but so is their home décor. I found some amazing wallpaper, but after hearing how hard wallpaper is to put up, I quickly discarded it from my shopping cart. If Anthropologie’s website ever goes down I would be lost, but would have some more free time to do things that are actually productive.

Spending thousands of imaginary dollars is a great way to get rid of my shopping blues while living in a college town where many people think sweatpants are the answer to everything. Whenever you have a bit of free time or a bit of the shopping blues just remember that online shopping, pretend or not, is an amazing thing. For now, I am just going to pretend shop and fill my online shopping carts to the brim and beyond.


PS. Here are all the websites for easy access


  1. These are all wonderful online shopping places. I just started using ASOS and Etsy more for finding things myself.
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  2. Online shopping gets me in trouble. Lol. Thanks for sharing.

    -Raven Rosie

  3. Online shopping has become so easy and affordable too because of the one day deals provided by so many e commerce sites.